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Choosing Fall Footwear with RA in Mind

Choosing Fall Footwear with RA in Mind

With everyone staying home, footwear likely hasn’t been on the top of your to-do list. But with fall approaching, it’s time to start talking about what shoes are most comfortable for YOU! Scroll to see what you should consider when buying shoes so you can rock your footwear game this fall with comfort and style.


These are a go-to in the fall and winter, especially in wet and snowy climates. ❄ Trendy, versatile, and stylish, these can be great for people with toe arthritis, as you don’t have to grasp to keep them on. Additionally, boots provide a lot of stability through the foot and ankle, minimizing ankle arthritic pain, and chronic knee pain.

Watch out for cheap brands that cut corners with the hardware and the sole. Low quality zippers can be tricky for those with arthritic hands, and the soles are often thin and slippery. (⚠️Safety first!!)

What to look for: A good combination of flexibility and stability, very low heel, and easy on/off zippers or other closures.

What to avoid: Flimsy and smooth sole, and lack of ankle support or anchoring. Also, choose something with either a high heel or pointed toe– not both.

Athletic Shoes

Who kinda got a little out of shape during this pandemic? *Everyone raises their hand ?‍♀️?* When you have arthritis, staying active can be tough. And, if you’re like me, finding the right athletic shoe will make a big difference in your motivation to exercise; you’ll be able to focus more on staying healthy, and less on the pain you’ll feel in your feet.

When getting sized, remember to leave your longest toe some wiggle room. Also, speak up if you have arthritis in your knees, as built-in stabilizers can increase pressure on the knee.

A lot of companies sell athletic-looking shoes that are really only designed for casual wear or everyday light activities. Be sure to use shoes that offer genuine support for high impact activities to reduce the chance of a stress fracture.

What to look for: Comfort is #1. I recommend buying from a seller that accepts returns (such as Zappos) so you can test your shoes for a few weeks and make sure they’re right for you!

What to avoid: Tricky laces or closing mechanisms, shoes that are hard to slip on and off, and getting sucked into big marketing.


Who doesn’t love some great flats!? They are super cute, and can go with tons of different outfits. Always look for a grippy sole and support when choosing a pair of flats.

It’s important to consider toe grasp when choosing flats. If you opt for a style with an ankle strap, you’ll get more stability and less strain on your toes. However, if the strap has tiny little buckles or other closures, it might not be ideal for arthritic hands. Make sure to look at your options and find something with a good balance that’s right for you.

What to look for: little toe grasp, comfort, and easy on/off zippers or other closures. I also recommend buying from a store that will let you try the shoes for a few weeks before a final purchase.

What to avoid: Shoes that are too hard to slip on/off, big marketing.

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