Do you care for someone with autoimmunity?

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Do you care for someone with autoimmunity?

Do you care for someone with autoimmunity?

Caring for a loved one with an autoimmune disease, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, can be really tough!

Do you have guilt? Can’t say no? Sometimes the goal is to survive… But I’m here to help you thrive!

Everyone has bad days… Let’s work together to make tomorrow GREAT!

It’s important to prioritize what you do to avoid burnout! I recommend making the following your priority:

  1. Keep an updated list of their medications including herbals, supplements, and OTCs.
  2. Take time-outs regularly. Everyone needs breaks. You will both appreciate this!
  3. Speak up! Help be their voice at medical appointments. Can’t be there? Write letters, FaceTime, or send them with a list of bullet points.
  4. Eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Exercise daily! Walking everyday has endless health benefits!
  6. Talk normally to each other. Talk about feelings, emotions, and day to day life. Have intimate moments. Try to forget the caregiver-sick patient roles whenever possible.

Most importantly: Get support for yourself! Whether it’s reading my blog, joining a local support group, or signing up for my coaching program be sure to support YOU! 

I coach caregivers, friends, spouses, and partners every single day.

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Stefanie Remson

Stefanie Remson

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