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Let’s talk about fatigue! ?

Let’s talk about fatigue! ?

People who have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases often suffer from chronic fatigue due to constant stress, inflammation, and lack of sleep. Insomnia is also common among people with these types of diseases. Medications can also play a role. As we know many medications used to treat autoimmune diseases have a common side effect of fatigue (not to mention hair loss!). These side effects can be exceptionally worse on days that one takes their medication.. I mean who hasn’t experienced methotrexate fog?! 

There are 2 important messages you should take away from this:

  1. You are not alone. I am here for you and understand where you’re coming from!
  2. There are things you can do to help combat this.

With both medical guidance and some lifestyle adjustments, you can help reduce your inflammation, in turn reducing fatigue. Here are a few lifestyle tips:

  1. Sleep more. Rest when you need it. 
  2. Avoid caffeine and other stimulants. )Yes, this includes pills, energy drinks, and even those teas that claim to be “healthy.”)
  3. Control your pain for better quality sleep. 
  4. Meditate. Spend time alone, with your thoughts, and LOVE yourself!
  5. Adjust your medications, dosing and timing of dose. There may even be an alternative for you.
  6. Seek emotional support– Through counseling, a support group, etc. 
  7. Exercise regularly. 
  8. Eat a healthy diet– This is essential for management of inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

I can help you manage your disease and manage your fatigue! Consultations are always free. 🙂

Stefanie Remson

Stefanie Remson

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