Adapting to life with RA is truly a superpower

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Adapting to life with RA is truly a superpower

Adapting to life with RA is truly a superpower

Hey there!

I sat down with my dear friend, Cheryl Crow, to talk about what it looks like to “adapt” to life with RA. 

Cheryl and I both live with RA and agree that adapting your daily tasks, as well as emotionally adapting to your disease, are important superpowers when pursuing a full life with this disease.

I remember the moment I was told I had RA. I bet you do, too. I also vividly remember what happened after that… 

My world was shattered. 

I sat in my care for 10 minutes and cried. But after those 10 minutes were up, I decided right then and there that I was going to take control of MY disease and I wanted to help others to do the same!

That’s when I started coaching others with RA about how to live their best lives through my Illuminate! Your life with RA! 12-week coaching program

(Wondering if my 12-week program is a good fit for you? You can find all of the details and hear what other’s have to say here.)

Like you, I enjoy connecting with other’s who also live with RA and understand what life really looks like with this disease. That’s why chatting with Cheryl was so much fun! 

In this podcast I share:

– the most important tool I use to manage my RA on a daily basis

– examples of how I adapt my daily routine to match my condition and abilities 

– how I manage the demands of parenting with young kids while living with RA

– details about my coaching program including how I help others with their diet, managing their symptoms and medications, asses an individualized medical chart and more 

And now, I’m here to help you live your best life! No matter if you have lived with RA for many years or are newly diagnosed. 

Listen to the podcast episode here

I would love to hear what insights you gain after listening to the podcast episode. I read each and every email personally. Feel free to send me your thoughts! 

And when you’re ready to take control and live your best life with RA… let’s chat! 

Schedule a FREE 15-min consultation to speak with me and we will evaluate your personal needs and how my coaching program can best help you live the life you envision. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in learning how to manage your RA, I invite you to join my ILLUMINATE! Your Life with RA! 

Stefanie Remson

Stefanie Remson

Your life may never be the same, but you’ll come out stronger after my program!

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