Top Goal Setting Tips for People Managing RA in 2022

Are you ready to achieve your RA goal and increase your productivity in 2022? If so, this blog is for you! If you are just getting started, I recommend reading this blog first. Once you understand the foundations to goal setting for RA, we can take it to the next level with the following tips.


Ready, let’s get started!


GOAL SETTING TIP #1 Goals should be specific


Setting a goal of wanting to exercise more doesn’t lead to any measurable action. A more specific goal would be: I want to walk for 10 minutes everyday. Another example is this goal: I want to eat better in 2022. This is vague and not measurable. A more achievable goal would be: I’m going to fill my plate with ⅓ vegetables for every meal. This is also measurable. You can check it off at the end of each day with a sense of accomplishment. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #2 Write down your goals


Keep the list somewhere that you can easily access them. This can be on a piece of paper taped to your mirror or in a notes application on your electronic device. Look at the list daily and anytime you need a little extra motivation. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #3 Make sure your goals are achievable and realistic


As we discussed in the “Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis? Here are 3 Tips for Setting Goals You Can Achieve!” blog, it’s important that your goals are achievable and realistic. If you don’t believe you can achieve the goal, odds are… you won’t. Look back at your goals and make sure you feel confident that you can reach them. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #4 Stay open to new opportunities


Maybe you weren’t expecting the project, promotion, or new job title, but at least consider it. RA patients often turn down opportunities due to perceived limitations. Don’t let your assumptions with RA hold you back. You never know where opportunities will take you. You may not know your true limits with RA until you challenge yourself with a goal in mind. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #5 Timely goals are important, too


If you set realistic goals in too short of a time frame, they may not be achievable. If you rush certain things when you have RA, like increasing activity, this can increase joint pain and inflammation. Give yourself time to do things the right way with plenty of breaks along the way. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #6 Break down your goals into smaller daily actions


This study from 2012 recommends small and sustainable changes for the best success. It’s more gratifying to feel a little success everyday, especially in the beginning of taking on something new. For example, we are a lot more motivated to walk for 10 minutes today when compared to a goal of walking 20,000 each week for 4 weeks. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #7 Prioritize your goals


Find the things in your life that are time wasters and move them to the bottom of the list. Limit social media time or even take the apps off of your mobile devices. Wait for full loads of laundry or use a laundromat to do it all at once. Eat out or order in a few nights a week. Hire a cleaning service. There are many ways to re-prioritize the tasks that you do everyday to do what matters the most. When you do the things that matter the most first, you will find that you’re more productive all around!


GOAL SETTING TIP #8 Ask for help


Asking for help is hard for people with RA, but it doesn’t have to be! If you need extra help around the house, cooking meals, or with childcare to make time for your health goals, just do it!


GOAL SETTING TIP #9 Find accountability


Social media has made connecting with people with the same goals, backgrounds, and experiences easier than ever. Find someone to be your virtual buddy in achieving your goals. If you both have the same goals, the energy you bounce off of each other becomes electric!


GOAL SETTING TIP #10 Stop multitasking

When you multitask, you’re not truly present for anything. Close the door. Turn off your notifications and alerts when you’re focusing. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #11 Schedule your goals

Dedicate dates and times to your specific goals. Put it in your calendar. When you know you have dedicated time for something, you will worry less about it day-to-day. 


GOAL SETTING TIP #12 Stick with your goals 


One bad day is not a complete failure. If you made poor eating choices, start tomorrow off with a green smoothie. If you didn’t exercise today, walk an extra 5 minutes tomorrow. Everyday is a new day. It’s never too late.


GOAL SETTING TIP #13 Keep your eye on the prize


Why do you want to accomplish this goal? Is it for your health? Your future financial stability? Your children? Focusing on the reasoning behind the goal is always very motivating!


GOAL SETTING TIP #14 Have self compassion


You will have many setbacks. No road to success is a straight line. As you know, RA can be very unpredictable! Be kind to yourself. Show yourself extra love on the hard days. If you have a bad day, always remember tomorrow is a brand new day! 1 bad day is not a failure, but a small bump in the road.


Now, you’re on your way to achieving your RA goals in 2022! If you are seeking professional support to achieve your RA goals this year, apply to work with me here. We can work together to create a plan that will help you achieve your goals. 


I can’t wait to hear what goals you achieve this year!


Goal Setting Tips for RA

It’s important to be specific when setting goals for your RA. For example, setting a goal of wanting to exercise more doesn’t lead to any

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